Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Owl Prowl Day

We got home from Hawaii late Friday night, and Saturday, May 5th, we had been looking forward to an Owl Adventure that my Uncle Dick had organized for all of the grandkiddos.  We drove up to the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross, California.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  There, we were educated all about the different types of owls, and we met some owls that were rescued and are now in captivity.

Jake and BG during our lunch break
Cammie, Lynne and Tyler
Unlce Dick, Aunt Laurie and JJ
JJ, Tyler, Cammie, Jake and Kate
One of the owls we got to meet 
Some baby owls that had fallen out of their nests--they were rescued and we watched them being put back into the tree.

Kate and Cammie were so excited as we watched the baby owls...
We also went out into the wild and found owls that were perched in their nests.  What a great adventure!  Here's one of the facts I learned from that day.  Owls eyes are about the same size as humans, but because they have no muscles around their eyes sockets, they have to turn their heads around to see. 
It was a gorgeous day and we learned so much!  Thanks, Uncle Dick for planning such a fun day for all of us!
  This is how I found Jake when we got home.  Joe had given each of the kids his Swiss Air Business class goodies the night before when we all arrived home from our trips.  Jake must have figured he'd need them for the owl trip.  Good thinking, buddy. 

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Now, there are some faces I love to see...yea, and the owls were cute too! LOL