Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Moments that Made Me Smile and Even Chuckle

 I came around the corner and Jake was talking to himself, involved in some big story, getting on all of his protective gear on before relieving himself.  Classic. 
 Came in one night to check on Kate before I went to bed and found this.  I was dying!  Poor thing has been suffering from horrible allergies this year!
 One morning, snuggling in my bed--I love my boys so much.
 Jake loved his bunny ears he made in preschool so much, that I found him like this when I checked on him before I hit the hay.
Red Ears.  Can you see them in this picture?  I made Jake pose for me because I had to capture his red ears on camera.  He gets them whenever he is tired.  Sometimes one, sometimes both.  All of the sudden, they will turn bright red and I know he needs to go to bed.  Talk about a tell-tale sign! 

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