Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rage Rocks

One of my really good friends, Terra Bigelow, is the coach for the Rage recreational soccer program.  Our houses are close enough that our kids can walk to each other's homes and her house is practically as comfortable to my kiddos (Luke loves her and her place) as our own home.  So when she told me she was coaching, I thought it'd be perfect for Kate.  It'd get her excited about soccer and running around. 
So for the past 6 weeks, she's been practicing with her team and having games on Saturdays.  She LOVES it.  She loves the games that Terra plays with the girls, she loves being on the same team as Halle, she has loved the entire experience.
 She has the confidence of a professional soccer player combined with the skills of a total novice.  I love it.  She just cracks me up.  At her final game, I was helping Luke with something and I looked up and noticed she had the ball and she was standing right in front of the goal.  "Kick it in!"  I yelled.  She looked at me and kicked it in, but I didn't realize it was the wrong goal.  Oops.  We told her not to worry about it but were laughing pretty hard.  Couldn't help it.  Joe tried to make light of it, and she was ticked--as were the other girls around her.  They gave him looks of disgust, like, "How could you make fun of your daughter?!"  Do those looks really start at 6-7?  Oh boy.  I told her we've all done it.  I did it in Junior High and my mom laughed so hard, she peed in her pants.  Builds character.   Glad we got that one out of the way while she's young :) 

Here are the boys cheering their sisters on!  It was a fun season!  Looking forward to the fall, Terra!  Thank you for all of the time you spend making it so great for the girls. 

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