Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Easter!

We decided to dye our Easter eggs while Luke was napping.  A wise choice, seeing as the only word he says is "Ba," (ball), and anything remotely close to a ball, he throws, I thought it'd be best. 

ALWAYS a hit.  Next year I need to make about 50 more hard boiled eggs!  They would have loved to have filled the carton!  But lets be honest.  We needed to get ready for church and I was in charge of the Easter program in Primary.  I recreated the events of Jesus' last week on Earth and was going to take the kids on a walk through Jerusalem to show them what happened.  I needed to get to church early to set up!!!  

The Easter Bunny did leave his mark on Sunday morning!  We saw the evidence, so we grabbed our ears (Luke refused) and headed out back to have our Easter egg hunt. 

 The search
After a WONDERFUL Easter service, we dropped all of our stuff off and raced out to be with the Berryhill's at Maryanne and Dave's house.  I was so sad when we found out that Grandma (Fran) wasn't there because she was sick, but we managed to have a great time with everyone!  Another egg hunt and YUMMY FOOD and lots of laughter.  I am so grateful for family and so happy that we decided to come back to California so we could be close to everyone!  What a blessing!   

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