Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Luke's First Day in Nursery

May 27, 2012
 I got a call from Tami K. Saturday night, welcoming Luke into Nursery the next day.  She wanted to know if he had any allergies... So sweet.  So shocking to me.  I knew it was coming.  All of our kids have entered nursery at church at 18 months.  But for some reason, he still seems like my little baby.  Maybe it's because he is... he isn't even walking yet!!!  Granted, he still has about 7 weeks to go before he is officially 18 months old, so why rush things?!
Joe said when he brought him into Nursery, and sat him at the table with all of the other little tykes, he got this look on his face like he had arrived :)  Don't think we'll have a problem with Luke being comfortable in there.  Thank goodness!  I love you, Luke.  I need to get your picture taken before I blink and you are 5 years old!!!


Sue said...

Quite a landmark!


anitamombanita said...

Congrats to Luke!!

Debsie Doodle said...

The nursery transition hasn't gone so well here... I'd love your pointers!