Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Just Can't Get Rid of those Blue Devils!

AND WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO!!!!! Thursday we got a phone call from our good friends from business school, Tyler and Rachael Rushton-- they were in town--"We know it's short notice, but do you have plans this weekend?" Joe and I looked at the calendar and to our shock and amazement, we had NOTHING on it! YES! We'd love it! So we quickly called up Mike and Carrie who live 10 minutes away but who also hold the Blue Devils close to their heart and within minutes the whole evening was planned. Tyler, Joe and Mike
Carrie, Me and Rachael

Nicholas, Kate and Jake having A BLAST in our family room

They had so much fun together!

So did we! Thanks for a WONDERFUL evening everyone! Now we have to just get the rest of you out here (Jeri, super excited you'll be here next week).... or at least get the reunion plans going!


Carrie said...

We loved it and we love you all!!! We missed Abigail and we missed the rest of you "devils". We've got to get a reunion started.

Jeri said...

We are excited to come out to see you guys! Hopefully we can get together with Carrie as well. We definitely have to get a reunion going to see everyone!

Tyler and Rachael said...

We had such a wonderful time. Next time, maybe we'll even let Abigail come with. Thanks for the amazing dinner and the even better night of chatting.