Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Needs it Anyway?

This picture is history in the making. I've NEVER seen my Dad in the hospital for himself...sure, he's been there plenty of times to see me! My phone rang just as I was running out the door for work on Saturday. "Boo, we won't be coming up to see you guys today--Dad's in the hospital." What???!!! Apparently his appendix couldn't handle the popcorn or the 3D Avatar film that he and Mom went to see the night before, because he woke up in the middle of the night and (I'll spare you the details) it wasn't pretty. He was in emergency surgery within hours. I was happy to see a smile on his face when I walked into his room later that day. I was entering as Jen was leaving--with a yellow mask covering her face and nose. I couldn't keep the laughter in. 'What are you doing??' Her response, "Have you gotten the H1N1 vaccine yet?! I haven't." I just try and do shallow breaths when I walk through the halls! A little phobic? Yes. But I'm happy to report that Dad is going to be fine. We are just waiting for him to stand up a little straighter. Love you so much, Dad!

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Sue said...

Ryan had the same surgery a couple of years ago. Not fun, but a pretty quick recovery. Your dad looks great!