Thursday, January 28, 2010

Girlfriends are Good for the Soul

Way back when I got a call from my friend Jeri: "Julie! Don't want to bug you, but there are SUPER cheap tickets on Southwest right now and we want to come visit...Let me know what works for you." Yahoo! We were ecstatic! So, as soon as I got my 2010 calendar, it was written in red: "Methenys coming for a visit!" You can never plan 2 months in advance your kids health status. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Gwen caught a cough the day they flew in, and Jake suffered a sad ear infection in the middle of the visit, leaving him looking like a walking zombie.
So, we threw any plans of visiting the museums and the zoo out the window and hunkered down at home. Thankfully, Saturday, there was a break in the torrential rain storm, and we headed out back to play.

Can I even begin to paint the picture of excitement in our house when I explained to Kate that Gwen would be spleeping over 3 nights in a row???

It was almost more than she could handle!

From the moment they arrived, all I heard out of Kate's mouth was, "I'm so sad when Gwennie has to go home. When can she come again?"

Eyes that were not used to the bright sunshine! You'd think we lived in the Northwest or something!



Making and decorating everybody's favorite--PINK cupcakes and PINK frosting!

I was worried everyone would be bored and sick of each other after being cooped up in our house all weekend. But with good friends it doesn't matter what you do or where you go. I loved the time we had together and Jeri and I got to talk each other's ears off which is always enjoyable! Thank you so much for coming, girls! Can't wait until our next visit. Of course, Joe requests that Ryan and Zach be there too :)


Sue said...

I'm glad you didn't let the bad weather ruin your fun. Looks like a GREAT time.


Jeri said...

We had a great time too!!!! Gwen is asking when she can see Kate again.

Carrie said...

I'm so sad we had to miss it, but I'm glad we kept our nasty germs away from you all. We'll have to get together next time Jeri's in town.

Sunny said...

Oh so fun! I want to come visit! What to do with the other 3 kiddos though....mmmm....that's a tricky one. Some day.

Tyler and Rachael said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time, rain or shine, sick or healthy. It was so fun to see all of your pictures.

I'm thinking we should start planning a 5 year reunion of sorts.