Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos Jose!

I've never known how to get the tilda over the "n" when it comes to writing Spanish words on my keyboard...any help is much appreciated...but it's completely beside the point. My hunk of a husband turned 34 on January 18th. I only wish he would have been feeling well! In fact, all 3 of my family members were sick on his birthday.
Joe's birthday fell on MLK day, so we were all thrilled that we'd get to be home together to celebrate! We had grand plans of a bike ride along the bay and going to see the migrating Monarch butterflies... the list continued... but the horrendous rain and the runny noses kept us home. We made the best of it with a yummy breakfast and Jake got really into watching his dad open his presents. His shock and surprise grew with each card and present--it was fantastic.
Jake, happy as a clam after Dad opened up his card. Kate showing off her glamerous hairdo-- I wonder who did it???

We did manage to meet my parents in Fremont for a bite to eat at a yummy restaurant called the Spinyard. We practicallly had the room to ourselves, which is always nice when you have 2 little ones.
Thanks for celebrating with us, Momo and BG! You made our evening!
Once again, Jake showing his excitement with presents... you'd think those shirts were for him!

I have to admit, even though the day wasn't quite what we were planning, it was really nice spending a day together at home--playing games, watching movies and dancing to our favorite songs. We don't get those moments very often, so I was grateful.

Kate absolutely thrilled to be in Momo's lap.
Happy Birthday, Love! Next year is going to be the year-- I can feel it--a germ free birthday! It's gotta be :) Snot or not, I love you with all of my heart. I'm so glad you're mine!

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