Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of the last nights that Chris was home, we decided to go over to Mom and Dad's house and play some games and just enjoy being together. We were having a gay old time (The Flintstones theme is running through my brain) when suddenly Chris came downstairs and said, "The girls got into Mom's makeup. It's everywhere." Like graceful gazelles, Jen and I sprinted up to see the damage. What we found, was this: If only you could have seen the goop that was hanging off of Gracie's chin. We later discovered it was Mom's good eye cream--of course. Apparently a facial was in the works. We owe you, Mom!
Yes, that's eyeliner all over their heads! You should have seen the floor!

I love this shot. Who is ticked at who for getting them in trouble? Apparently when Chris found the girls, Joe's daughter looked up at him and said, "Momo said we could use it." Where the heck did she learn to lie like that?!!! We'd both like to know.

To bring a little comic relief, Brik and Jake decided to put on a show.

So glad the boys get along

It's a good look, Jake


Sue said...

I love the shot of Marsha with the girls. She looks as unruffled as can be about her eye cream.

What a neat grandma!


PS. The boys are darling, too.

Sunny said...

Grandma is a good sport! I get frustrated when it's just the cheap stuff.