Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many Friends...

Kate likes to count how many friends she has. She'll come up with a number and then say, "I have 39 friends Mom! Isn't that great?!" And then she'll begin to name them one by one... well, she was thrilled when some special friends came to visit us not too long ago, because she could add them to her tally :) Friends make you feel loved! There's nothing wrong with that!
One of my best friends, Melissa Walton, was home visiting her family for a few weeks over the holidays. Thankfully, we had a chance to see each other and catch up, even though it wasn't long enough! It was just a tease, really... We did manage a picture of our kids together and I was so grateful she took the time to come see us! Here is Kate, Sadie, Ashlyn, Nate and Jake. We were all having such a good time together, that no one wanted anyone to leave!!! I know how busy it can be when you are visiting from far away. Thanks so much, Meliss! It's hard to believe that we met when we were younger than Kate--but knew there was a special bond there that would last forever! Love you! Looking forward to the summer time :)

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