Tuesday, January 12, 2010


December is a time for tradition...we always kick our traditions for the month off a little early...we go cut our Christmas tree down the day after Thanksgiving. We've always done that and will continue to do so as long as we have the stamina to scour the mountain for the perfect tree. This year was extra special because it was freezing up in the Santa Cruz mountains! It really felt like Christmas time! In years past we've lazily spread out on blankets and basked in the sunshine while having a picnic after loading our trees up on top of the car... Hats and mittens and big jackets were mandatory this year and I was thrilled! My niece Gracie doing her famous, "peace out" sign--yes, she even hits her chest with her fist twice before she says it.
Kate was just tickeled to have found the perfect tree for us! It was about 2-3 feet tall and she explained how it would fit just perfectly in her room. We compromised by taking a picture of her perfect tree and put it up in her room so she could look at it :)
Cousins just thrilled to have together time

Jake was excited for the adventure

Everyone was cold and wet but still smiling

Our perfect tree for 2009. Thankfully, our nephew, Ben, was there to help Joe cut it down.

We were thrilled to have Chris home from BYU to really do all of the work for us :)

My Boys.

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Alisa said...

Great pictures Julie! It looks like you did all of your Christmas season goals plus more! I love that your family is doing the running through the wrapping paper Christmas morning. So fun. Love you!