Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...And Other Moments at Home

The first time I'd ever heard of tying your hair in rags, was when my incredibly talented mom tried it for my "wedding" hair. It turned out great-- the only thing that held the curl in my perfectly straight, fine, hair. So, I thought I'd try it in Kate's hair, seeing as hers is looking a lot like was a success! And way more comfortable than those darn pink sponge curlers. It turned out, don't you think???Jake and Kate trying their best to smile without being silly
This cracked me up. Hansen's and Chris surprised us one night with multipy ding-dong ditchings. After we finally caught them, everyone came in to hang out and eat my chocolate covered caramel apples. At the exact same moment, Jen and I both realized that all three "men" were wearing their matching shirts.

Just one of many outfits Kate put together when told that she needed to go and put more clothes on because it was the middle of winter and she was going to freeze! She still goes through about 15 different outfits a day. Amazing. No wonder I don't like putting clothes away...

Jake is really talking! It seems as though in a matter of a week, his vocab exploded, his motor skills, as well as his love to finally build something with the leggos instead of causing mass destruction! I love the way he says "nose."

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Jill said...

wahoo!!! Loved Kate's Christmas dress. so cute. and loved you with brown hair. you are SO brave. glad you guys had a great Christmas.