Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"When is it going to be Christmas again?"

That was the question Kate asked as we were driving out to Ceres to be with the Berryhill's for Christmas Eve. Remember that excitement when you were little? Oh, I do. My dad would actually get up on the roof with sleigh bells and stomp around late at night...amazing that serious injury never occurred...Little did he know that Santa would always come after he made all of that fuss! I still believe...Here are some Christmas moments captured....

Kate and Aunt Krista dressed up as angels
What a great family you two have raised!!! So glad I'm a part of it. Acting out the Nativity

Jake enjoying a few snacks on Nana's lap

Mike couldn't wait to sit on Santa's lap :)

Jake and Papa perfectly content with one another

Santa Moments

Santa's beard is losing it's elasticity! that your Uncle Ben???!!!

Christmas morning...waiting to run through the wrapping paper! Joe's tradition when he was little and our kids LOVE it.

Being lazy on Christmas day at the Hansen house

I think Dad was the only one NOT in jammies... I never got out of mine on Christmas Day. Love you BG!

Kate trying out the roller coaster from Momo and BG. The kids still fight over this. No one likes taking turns. What a hit!


Sue said...

My kids believed in Santa for an embarrassingly long time.

LOVE the tradition with the wrapping paper. I'll have to tell my kids about that one so they can adopt it.


Sunny said...

I too love the tradition of the wrapping paper....I will be starting that one next year.