Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Little Caballero

The week we got back, the kids were preparing for the big Dieciocho Holiday that is celebrated here in Chile.  It's their Independence Day and is taken almost more seriously than Christmas.  All of the schools get a week off and fiestas and festivals happen for days and days all over the country.  At Nido, the Kindergartners were working on a special Spanish song, and the rest of the elementary school was learning the tradition Cueca dance.  I was so excited to see the performances.  The night before they were to occur, I was out running around trying to find the costumes we needed (as we had just returned from Hawaii, and I had spent most of the day at the hospital with Joe).   I received an email saying that they would be postponing the assembly until after the Dieciocho Holiday due to some unfortunate circumstances.  Phew!  Well, at least I had their costumes ready for them.  I sent the kids to school the next day in their normal uniforms, grateful for breather, as I still had to show up to Kate's class to put on their class Dieciocho party with all of the traditional Chilean games.  

 At the end of the day, I picked the kids up from school, and we were talking about all of the excitement of the day.  "How was your day, Jake?!  What'd you do that you loved?"  
 "I can't remember."  (That's pretty typical...but I give him about 10 minutes and then he starts telling me all sorts of things).  Then he said, "Well, we sang our special Spanish song and all the parents were there to watch.  How come you weren't there, Mom?!"  

My heart stopped.  "Did you guys have a special practice today?"  Still thinking that Jake's performance had been cancelled.  

"I guess.  But everyone was dressed up."

"I'll go home and find out when you get to dress up for the real thing, Ok?"  

We got home and I got them eating something so I could run check my emails.  What do you know.  The email clearly stated that only 1st-5th grade was postponed.  I felt like the worst mother on the planet.  My kindergartner's first special performance and I missed it.  Can I chalk that one up to jet lag, pregnancy and taking care of my hospitalized husband?  It didn't matter.  I missed it.  Another sigh.  So, I had Jake get all dressed up in his costume and we took some pretty cool pictures.  I promised I'd find a video of it so we could all watch it together as a family.  He loves his costume.  He asked if he could where it to school the next day and I said, "Of course!!!  As many days as you want, honey!"  

So grateful for the resilience of little boys.  
I love him with all of my heart.  Determined to track down a video :)

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Debra said...

What a great mom to still make it special for him with the pics... He looks happy!