Thursday, September 26, 2013

I got into a Fight and that's how I knew...

 Julie Berryhill got into a fight?  That's completely and utterly absurd.  I would say the very same thing if I weren't there and didn't "witness" it myself.  The experience needed to be recorded as it contributes significantly to my life.
We were still in Paradise... it was three days after Jen and I ran the marathon.  It was the first day I wasn't walking crippled--I actually felt great.  Joe had already flown back home.  We had all spent a fantastic morning at the beach--digging massive holes, enjoying the waves, exploring on the island...and we were getting a little hungry.
So, we packed up the gear and headed back to our hotel room.  Before the kids all ran into the room, they wanted to jump into the pool.  We dropped the stuff off outside on the terrace and then the kids lead out, while Luke and I trailed behind.  As they walked by this man lounging in his chair, blocking the entrance, he said in an extremely nasally voice, "This is the quiet pool, you're not allowed in here!"

Just as a side note.  It was the quiet pool.  But we've been going to this hotel for so long, that we know it's not an "adult only" pool.  Plenty of kids swim in it, they just can't scream and horse around.  In years passed, we have been a bit noisy, and have been asked to quiet down a bit.  So, we know the rules.

I walked right by the man with Luke and once again, he made the comment in an equally nasal and arrogant tone.  I felt myself tighten inside, because first of all, I can't stand arrogance.  And second? The kids weren't even being noisy (they are very aware of the rule). I turned and smiled at him and said as kindly as possible, "Oh sir, they aren't breaking any rules.  We are only going to be in here for 5 minutes and then we are headed up for lunch." I added a few other "niceties" as well.  

I turned to get Luke in, and I heard a few more choice comments and then, "Ok, if you aren't out in 5 minutes, I'm calling security."  Now, a normally sane person would have completely ignored this being and would have calmly called security herself.  Looking back, it's what should have taken place.

But it didn't.

Suddenly, without any forethought, I found my pointer finger in his face and I was yelling, "ARE YOU THREATENING ME?!!!!"  I couldn't see all of the people staring, I couldn't even see where my own children had hidden with eyes as big as saucers.  The last thing I remember was something along the lines of, "You are a jerk!  I can't believe you!!" (With a little more finger shaking at his nose--by the way, Kate likes to use the word jerk now.  She laughs every time she says it.  Wonderful.  Great mother.)

 At this point, I saw from the corner of my eye, Jen and Dad running as fast as they could from the room to see what was going on.  Apparently they, along with everyone else, heard me and since this was NOT a common Julie voice, they were terrified and got right in the guys face to find out what was going on. I appreciated the back up.  Security was in fact called. (We called them).  

And here were my thoughts through the spectacle:  "Did I really just scream at a man?  What is wrong with me?!!  Maybe the marathon did more damage than I thought... or maybe...could I it I pregnant?!!!!"

I would have liked to have had it end there.  I never wanted to see this incredibly arrogant man again.  I thought I was in the clear until the kids and I boarded our first plane ride.  The 4 of us were walking through first class to get to our seats with all of our carry on's, and I heard to my left, "Wow, you have your hands full."  I smiled and turned to make a cute, little comment, and IT WAS HIM!!!!!!  I don't think he recognized me.  I hope not.  All I could manage was a smile as I pushed the kids along a little faster.  Sigh.  

Remember how we got home and slept for 7+ hours?  Well, what I didn't mention was, I took a pregnancy test before I hit the pillow.  I was still shocked at my odd behavior.  What do you know?  It was positive.  Well, that explains it.  I wonder what kind of personality Baby Berryhill #4 will bring to our family in May 2014  :)  


Emily said...

Crazy story! And CONGRATULATIONS! Number 4 will definitely have this fiery personality as a result of hearing its mother tell a stranger what's up! Can't believe you saw him again!

Janet said...

Great story! Congrats, Mother Bear.

Jill said...

congratulations!!! what a hilarious story to tell!!!

Sandra McG said...

Congratulations!!! Love the story and so happy for you that #4 is on the way! :)

Kimberly said...

I am laughing outloud - hope I don't wake Dieter! This is hilarious! I always think the same, "Oh...I won't see that person again!" So glad he didn't recognize you.

A big congratulations on the sweet addition!!!

Debra said...

How funny that you saw him again!!?! Congrats on #4 on the way!