Monday, September 2, 2013

Kate's Baptism Part 2!

We wanted Kate to feel prepared and extra special, so about a week before the big day, we invited the missionaries over to our home for dinner and had them prepare a special lesson that was all about baptism just for Kate.  She loved it!

 And then Saturday arrived!!!  We were all so excited!!  
 Joe and Kate, dressed in white, all ready for dad to baptize daughter.
 I forgot to take pictures of all of the details, because I wanted to make sure Kate was taken care of!!  That's more important anyway, right?!!  The details that mattered the most though, were the little love notes that all of our family sent to Kate so she could read them while she waited.  They were so incredibly sweet!  She read them over and over and over again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to do that.  

Here's a link to the video I made to show at the baptism:

After her baptism and confirmation, we invited everyone who came to support her, to stay and eat!  Here was the crew :)
What a great crowd for an especially great day!!!

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