Friday, September 20, 2013

Major's Beach (aka The Best Spot in the World)

I have a few more pictures I have to track down and will post soon, but thought I'd finish up the trip with the family pictures we took after a day at our favorite beach in the world, before Joe had to leave.  
My boys

Can't believe everyone was looking in the same spot and smiling!  Wahoo!!!

The Crew.  All we needed were Chris and Kalei!!!
BG and Momo and their grandkids

Love them so much 
Love him forever

Love Love Love them

Best Girlfriends Ever

I'm beyond blessed.

We even had angels watching over us the entire 33 hour trip home to Chile.  The kids were amazing and unexpected strangers came out of the wood works to help me when I was in need.  There are good people in this world.  I'm so grateful for that. 

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Debra said...

Adorable family pics! You're so adventurous to travel internationally by yourself with the kiddos -- Super Mom!