Friday, September 20, 2013

Home from the Airport and Straight for the Hospital...Kind of

It was already planned. The kids and I left Hawaii on Sunday evening, September 8th, and wouldn't arrive into Santiago until Tuesday morning, the 10th.  Joe found out he had a hernia a few months ago (probably happened a year ago, but took him a while to finally get it checked out!!!), and had scheduled to have surgery on the Monday the 9th.  I felt horrible not being there with him, but if he hadn't gone through with it, he would have had to wait a few more weeks, and he didn't want to do that.  So, we kept in touch with texts as best we could and had good friends keeping tabs on him.  Thanks, Hamiltons!!!  
As soon as we got home, I knew Joe was OK.  I called him and told him I needed a nap and would be over in just a couple of hours.  We all conked out and didn't wake up for 7 hours.  7 hours!!!!!!!
When I looked at the clock, I was completely disoriented.  I scrambled to get myself together and hurried down to see Joe.  Thankfully, Sandra had come to help me, so I could leave the kids sleeping and I headed down alone.  
When I got there, he was walking for the first time after the surgery.  I always forget how slow you really do walk when you've gone through a major surgery.  Poor thing.  But he looked good.  I told him he reminded me of me after my C-section with Luke :)  Shuffling along like a little old man.  I got to take him home the next day.  No exercise for 2 months and the doctor told me he couldn't lift anything more than a glass of water for the first week or so.  Here's to a speedy recovery!!!  Love you, Joe!


Sue said...

Glad all went well!


Jill said...

Julie--I can't believe Joseph had surgery in a foreign country without you there. he's a brave soul. I have loved all the Hawaii posts. gorgeous photos. too many thoughts in my head! you and Jen were amazing in the marathon. you guys are nuts. loved the picture of Joe and the kids with the Duke's t-shirts, the pic of you, Jen and your mom. you guys are beautiful! and I loved your mom's black stripped dress. she looks fantastic! tell her that for me. kay? thanks for giving me something to browse through on a rainy, dreary day up here in Seattle!!

love you!