Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love the Sand in my Toes and Even on my Nose!

We did a lot this time around!  I was going through all of the pictures and realized that I'd have to group them all into categories!  So, here we are enjoying what we love best.  
(Can't seem to track down those attractive snorkeling shots and body surfing/boogie boarding pics.  I'll add them when I find 'em)
 We match!  And it wasn't even planned :)  Look at the face-- don't tell me he's already embarrassed to be color coordinating with his mom!!  I have heard that 2 year olds act a lot like teenagers... Sigh... but it's just that he's so cute.  I can't stand it.  

 I borrowed a few of my Hawaii pictures from my Dad.  He's incredible and I didn't always have time to grab my camera.  I always seemed to be applying sunscreen, blowing runny noses or building sand castles. 

 Better than chairs-- just dig a hole!!!
 The boys hard at work.  I loved seeing Luke work his way in with Jake and Brik.  
 The reason it's so hard to live far away.
 Joe had gone by this point, so Uncle Matt was the man.  He took all of the kids out to work on their surfing. Definitely deserved the Uncle of the Year award.  

 Way to go Kate!!!!
Luke and I came to watch the action after he woke up from a much needed nap...

 Jake loves to ride the board as if it were a boogie board.  He could do it all day long.  And when he crashes, all you see are these two arms that come flying up out of the water and you hear, "I'm OK!!! I LOVED IT!!!"  He absolutely kills me.  He finally managed to stand up and I was so proud of him!  It's a little blurry, but it was the only one we got.  Look at that concentration!!
 Finding treasures on the "island" is a favorite pastime.

 So is being lazy in the water.

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