Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Should We Do?!

Clothes had been purchased.  Doctors had been visited. Shoes had been ordered. Teeth had been cleaned. Suits had been altered.  Favorite books and candies had been found.  Hair had been cut.  A handful of Costco and Target receipts were in my wallet as proof that I had left my mark.   All of the necessities were piling up in BG's office.  Joe and I looked at each other on Tuesday morning and said, "I think this is the only day that we don't have anything scheduled with anyone.  Let's take the kids to do something fun that we can't do in Chile."  We rarely get Joe all to ourselves, so this was a treat.  Miniature Golf and Frozen Yogurt after a trip to Chipotle--the kids request.  I couldn't believe I had never taken them before!!!!!!!
 Luke was protesting 36 holes. 
 I thought it was a bit much myself, but everyone made it to the end!
 We celebrated everyone's "Hole in One's" at a yummy Japanese restaurant with BG.
 Sometimes it's nice having a day together to play
 and be silly

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