Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Frisco Fun

My parents pounded into my head from day one that I was to NEVER even think about donning a helmet and hopping on a motorcycle with a guy.  They were all knuckleheads.  I conveniently forgot that advice only twice:  once when I was about 8 years old and Carrie Polhemus' dad gave me a ride on his dirt bike up and down their court (I think we were going about 5 MPH and I knew he was far from dumb); and once in college when I discovered it was the only means of transportation for the cute guy that showed up on my doorstep for our date.  I was so terrified of falling off the entire time that I didn't even enjoy the fall colors up the canyon... I can't even remember if we went out again...
Well what happens if it's your own flesh and blood and it's not technically a motorcycle?  It's a Vespa.  Why not throw your kin on the glorified scooter with it's manly horn and let them have a little fun with their uncle???

We drove up to the Presidio to meet Chris and Kalei at their apartment so we could go to the Exploratorium, and up rides Chris on his scooter with 2 pizza boxes wedged between his calves. So cute of my little bro.  But why does seeing him on that thing make me laugh so hard?  

He took each of us for a ride.  Yes even me.  As the kids took their turns putting on the helmet, I kept firmly reminding them that this was NOT a motorcycle, and they should NEVER get on one of those things.  Those are for meat heads. 

How come the helmet doesn't smoosh their cheeks like it does mine?  I screamed as we flew down one of many common steep San Fran hills.  It was a good thing he didn't even offer to let me try and drive it.  He knows me too well.
Soon Kalei came home from work and we were off to do some exploring down by the pier.  

 There are so many cool projects and experiments to try!  I had never taken the kids before, so they were LOVING it.  Here's a picture of Chris and Jake after they walked away from a pic of their own shadows:
 A family portrait in slow motion:
 Reviewing our color combinations:

 Luke and Jake LOVED making the beach ball stay up in the air for as long as possible.  We could have stayed at that station all day.

 I have a feeling Kalei wasn't getting much help in trying to create enough energy to power the light bulbs, fan and radio that Jake asked her to help him with (again and again....)  She's a great aunt :)
What a perfect way to spend a day in the City.  We had the best time.  THANKS you two for making it so much fun.  We love you so much! 

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