Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Amigos We've Missed!!!

The kids wanted to know if we would be able to see some of our friends when we returned home.  OF COURSE!!!  Because I wanted to see their moms :)  We went to the Pleasanton water park one day (one of our favorite places that was walking distance from our home) and got to see the Bigelows, the Browns and the Thompsons.  I LOVED it.  Everyone just picked up right where we left off.  Which is probably why I forgot to take any pictures!!!  The girls all ran off together and giggled and played, the boys were happy and the moms could have talked forever if time allowed it.  Mark called Terra on his way home from work and Terra told him that we'd be leaving soon...then I heard her laugh.   When she got off the phone, she said, "Mark said he's excited to see you.  He knows you won't be gone by the time he gets home."  He knows us too well.  He was right.  
But I did leave about 15 minutes after he got there :). 
We headed up to Pleasanton another day to have a swim party with the McCarns and the Byrnes.  When we turned into the court, there was a huge welcome home sign awaiting us.  It literally made me teary.  So sweet.  We have been blessed with such wonderful friends who have touched our lives in so many ways.  
Despite Luke's exhaustion tantrums, we had the best time together.  I didn't really care how many popsicles he ate, what he drank or how many times he watched his shows, just as long as he was quiet so we could catch up!!!   I needed about 10 more hours of uninterrupted talk time :)  Looks like an excuse for another get together.

Can't wait to get back into homeschooling with these wonderful families.  Love them.  

Thank you for spoiling us with such a fun afternoon!

Then, we met the Borges up at Tilden Park for another incredible day!  Kate and Elise have been buddies since they met at dance class when they were 3 years old.  I knew the moment I met Leah that we would be good friends.  Little did we know that we'd both end up homeschooling together too!!!  
 Tilden park is BEAUTIFUL!  And has so many fun extras, like this old time merry-go-round...

A little farm where you could feed some of the animals...
(Luke didn't like the "moos" of the cows... they were really loud and it freaked him out)
Everyone was a little nervous to get too close!!
There was a nature exhibit...
Plenty of hiking trails...

And a little steam train!

So. Much. Fun.  Perfect way to spend a sweltering summer day.  
In the redwoods with some of our dearest friends.  

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'Cembers Thoughts said...

if you make it back to ptown we would love to see you.