Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

I was talking to Joe on the phone the other day and Jake overheard us talking about the ants that had invaded our kitchen again in Chile.  Jake muttered to himself, "What?!  More ants?  I guess I'm not going back to Cheeele!"  (As a side note--from day one, he has said Chile with the correct pronunciation.  He never says it like most Americans--"chili"--and he'll correct you if you say it wrong. As another side note, he has never called Chile home.  He did from the get go, and still does, tell people that we are on a long vacation.  Technically, I guess he's right. 
Anyway, maybe he's the only one who truly remembers just how amazing home really is and doesn't want us to forget it.  Our time in Chile has been and will continue to be a grand adventure that we are extremely grateful for.  But ahhhhhhhhhh, being home is bliss.  I didn't realize how much I missed everything and everyone.  Jake obviously has a stellar memory because he has made several comments like the ant comment above...
 I'm sure being with his best friend and cousin, Brik, has something to do with his longing to be home.  We have had so much fun cheering our nephews on in their baseball games, late night dinners to celebrate their victories, and plenty of girl talk to get caught up on.
We've hit Chuck E Cheese (even though there is one in Chile, it's much more fun with your cousins when you are the only ones in the place), the movies (twice), plenty of pool time, and of course, Sweet Tomatoes per Kate and Jake's request.  They asked if we could hit Sweet Tomatoes one more time before our vacation is up.  I think we can manage that, as long as I get my Mexican, Chinese and Texas Roadhouse taste buds satisfied :)

 Gracie takes such good care of Luke...even when he doesn't want it :)  She is so sweet with him.

We are getting spoiled because we have been going places and seeing friends and family every day. 
It's been a blast!

Hanging with Uncle Chris, Aunt Kalei and Momo before we were heading off to the pool.  So glad Chris has a few weeks off of Dental school right now!  We've been spoiled with them coming down for sleepovers and plenty of play time with their pet Hunny Bunny!

One day, I just needed some down time.  I was a little tired.  I wanted to clean up and organize and do a little laundry. The kids haven't been sleeping much, so I figured it'd be good just to have a mellow day.  Kate came running into my room in her jammies and asked with plenty of enthusiasm, "So who am I playing with today?!"  I think you could call her an extrovert ;)

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Sue said...

I can just imagine how much fun it is to be home!