Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mugged at Target?

I have to admit.  One of the things I was looking forward to when we arrived home, was doing a little shopping.  The turquoise pad of paper on my fridge at home was filling up quite nicely, because every time I thought of something that we couldn't get down there, I'd write it down.  About the third night after we got here, I put the kids to bed around 8:45 and asked my mom when Target closed.  We looked it up...11pm.  I was ecstatic.  I don't remember them staying open so late!  I grabbed my purse, my turquoise list and was off.  I had plenty of time to pick up a few things.  
When I walked through those doors and saw the red carts and the dollar section, I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat and a smile spread on my lips.  I didn't know where to go first!  I wanted to see it all.  I went aisle by aisle--even down the greeting card aisles, just for fun.  By the time I made it through the toy section, I happened to glance at my watch and realized it was already 10:40!  I needed to get going.  So I went to one of the 2 lines that were open and began to unload the treasures I had found from the mountain in my cart.  I got to the front and the man asked me if I'd like to buy some bags-- no plastic in Santa Clara County.  Oh bummer!  How many would I need to buy?!  My purchases were adding up and so was the line behind me.  The cashier gave me my total and I swiped my card.  Denied.  Oh crap, I forgot to call the credit card company to let them know that we were traveling.  I didn't want to use my other card because this one gave me miles!  The kind man suspended my account and went on to the 30 other people that were behind me, so I could give my Visa company a quick call.  I'm sure everyone was loving me.  So much for quick!  It took me another 15 minutes to clear everything up.  I finally packed up all of my belongings and was on my way.  It was about 11:03 when I finally left the store and loaded everything into the car. I normally can't shop for very long.  It exhausts me and gives me headaches.  But I think I had been looking forward to this for so long, that instead of yawning all the way to my parents home, I was belting out American tunes on the radio.  I turned into their court and immediately noticed that my dad's car was missing from the driveway.  Very strange.  I parked the car, left everything in the back and ran inside.  The door to the room the kids were sleeping in was open, so I ran in and they were all sound asleep.  Next, I ran upstairs, and as I turned the corner, I heard as cool and calmly as ever from my dad, "Hi Boo, did you have fun?"  
"Yeah, but what's going on, where's your car?" and then I noticed, "and where's Mom!!"
Casually, "Oh, she thought you had been mugged in the Target parking lot, because you were taking so long, so she went looking for you."

My sweet mom.  Dad tried to explain that this was my first time in Target in almost a year-- I was probably just enjoying myself, but she was worried.  And since my cell phone is Chilean, the roaming is ridiculous, so I'm not really using it while I'm here.  She went searching for me.  Of course I called her immediately and she was home in a few minutes.  Isn't it funny?  I saw the car gone and immediately assumed something had happened to one of my children, and my mom was certain something had happened to her child. Being a mom never goes away.  I'm so grateful for mine.  I love her with all of my heart.  
I gave her a big hug when she got home and chuckled, "Target is to blame" :)

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Sue said...

What a cute and yes, very telling, story.