Thursday, July 25, 2013

Having a Little Fun in Ptown

Our good friends the Payne's spoiled us with an evening at their home too!!!  So many highlights of our trip!  When we went to church in Pleasanton and saw all of the families we love, it literally filled our cups right up.  "So when are we getting together?"  Came the Bishop's inquiry... We thought we'd try to keep it low key and just meet them for dinner without the kids one night--but in a matter of hours, friends were invited, Cathie had a gourmet BBQ prepared and all of the amenities for a fabulous evening.  "And OF COURSE bring your kids!" They have been angels in our lives from the moment we moved to Pleasanton.  They are amazing.  Truly amazing.    
(So are my parents, because they happily took Luke for us in his I-haven't-had-a-nap-all-month- state so we could REALLY enjoy ourselves).
 We woke Jake up when we got to their home and still in his groggy state, he looked at the pool, the spa, the trampoline, the sport court, the fire pit, and all of the other kids, and said, "Mom, I don't know what to do."  As if there weren't enough options!! Larry said, "Well, let me get the jump house going!"  And up went the jump house.   Incredible.  
Needless to say, EVERYONE had fun :)

 Wish I brought my real camera, but here we all are enjoying Smores after plenty of eating, swimming, laughing and catching up.  

 It was a wonderful evening.  

And with everyone's busy schedules, you made us feel so loved by doing this!!

Thank you

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