Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a Difference

January 4, 2011 --Luke's original due date.

We had to celebrate Luke on the day he was supposed to be born. It was so strange... it seemed like he had been with us for so long when January 4th rolled around. The kids wanted to make a birthday cake for him...notice the "K" is smeared? Yes, I believe they both have evidence of frosting on their faces...

You've gotta see this though. I was shocked as I looked back on the pictures that we've been taking over the past couple of months. Look at Luke during his bath. This was taken on December 27th-- 1 month and a day after he was born...And here he is on February 28th-- 2 months later!!!

I don't think I can call him a preemie anymore!!! In fact, as I type this, Luke has already been in for his 14 week check up. When I took him out of the carseat and the pediatrician took one look at him, he just started laughing. "Um, I don't think you need to be supplementing your milk anymore!" Yeah, I stopped that a LONG time ago. Haha!

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