Sunday, March 20, 2011


AND FEELING IT!!! This kind of sums up why I haven't been blogging as of late :) I almost completely threw in the towel because I figured I just didn't have time to do this anymore...not that Luke is a hard baby...he is actually one of the most peaceful babies ever and just loves to snuggle... it's the turn of events with numero dos while recovering and trying to homeschool numero uno that almost did us in. But I realized I blog more than I write in my journal, so this needs to continue!
There's really no other way to put it. Jake has been SOMETHING ELSE! When we finally returned from Luke's great arrival, Jake suddenly for the very first time in his life, started waking up and coming into our room 5-6 times a night... refusing to take his naps, he turned into something of a wild creature, and really blew us all out of the water. Thankfully there were no hard feelings towards his little brother... let me just give you a couple of examples...
  1. One evening while putting dinner on the table, I called to the kids to come sit down and eat. It took a few calls to get Jake to come on over and when he finally did, he had his sword stuck in the back of his shirt with a scrunched up nose and a hand on a hip and exclaimed, "This bad Lamanite is NOT hungry!" Don't know what a Lamanite is? Let me know. I'll get you a copy of The Book of Mormon-- another testament of Jesus Christ.... it'll change your life.
  2. How 'bout when I found him with scissors cutting up a perfectly good book. When I looked at him, he said with a smile, "I'm cutting the book."
  3. Or what about when he pooped in his diaper and instead of coming to tell me so I could change him, he decided it'd be more fun to run around naked in his room... you can imagine how fun that was to clean up.
  4. Speaking of diapers, when we told him he's a big boy now and shouldn't need diapers anymore his reply was, 'I'm not a big boy. I'm widdle. I'll poop in the potty when I'm older." Clearly if you can say that, you are ready.
Hmmmm.... the list continues but that's good for now. We are down to him only getting up usually once a night now (the baby is already sleeping through the night, so something is backwards there!) But he's getting more rest 9and so are we) so things are looking up!
Just the other day we were going to Target to pick up some baseball mitts and helmets and bats for the the kids. I was explaining the difference between baseball and softball to Jake. Later that day, Jake decided to share this new info with one of his friend's mom. He began by telling her what we bought and then with this cutest expression he said, "Yeah, GIRLS play softball." I asked him what boys play and he said, "LOUD BALL!!!" Gotta love it.

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Cajsa said...

Cute photos!!! I absolutely love the one of Kate with Luke sleeping on her chest! You have such cute kids!