Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Rainy Day Picture Attempt

I wanted to get Jake's 3 year old pictures taken and Luke's 3 month old pictures. So I scheduled the appointment, and of course, when the time came to leave, the wind and the rain were so strong I wondered why I even try :) The same thing seemed to happen last year.

So here we are. I'm so glad Joe was with me because I almost passed this one up. He looked at it and just started laughing. It captures the EXACT personalities of our kids.

We definitely deserved another Wetzel's Pretzel run it was all over.


Alisa said...

Beautiful kids Joe and Julie. I'm so glad you took these even though it was a lot of effort. (I like the background too). :)

Kevin and Lora said...

LOVE the photoshoot... best pictures aren't the ones that are super posed, but the ones that show reality and personality!! They are each sooo adorable! Glad you guys are ALL doing so GREAT! Love ya!

Shauna said...

ALL of the kids are so darling! We have that same brown sweater and Chloe wore it for our pictures! :) Love you!

Sunny said...

So cute... can't wait to meet them!