Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

I can't believe little Jakers is 3 years old. When he woke up on Tuesday morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He could have ANYTHING he wanted. What was his request? Cereal. Thanks for making my life a little easier, buddy! I did get powdered donuts anyway because I knew he'd love it :) You can't just give a kid cereal on his birthday!!! Jake's been fascinated with the movie Cars... so I thought I'd try making a cake that would fit his obsession Momo and BG surprised Jake (and his parents!!!) with a truck for his big day. Can you tell how excited he was?! All I can say is you two better be around when he's old enough to really drive and he starts asking for a bigger red jeep... it won't be coming from us :) haha!I think we'll just avoid letting Kate get her drivers license altogether.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! We are going to have a blast with this!

A little too much Fun Dip perhaps???
Joe getting Jake's bike all set to go. Too bad it's been pouring all week! Jake has been itching to get out there and use his new toys!

Ben and Jake spending a little QT changing his cars from his cake different colors
I love all of the heads in this picture!
Jen knows just how to get the perfect smile out of Luke every time!
Earlier that day we took the cousins to Super Franks to check it out. I think it was a success.
We couldn't find Gracie and found her here-- perfect form... I think Jen should be worried!
The boys

Love you, Buddy! I'm so glad you have a fun day!

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Emily said...

What a fun birthday! That picture of Kate driving cracked me up! Can't believe how big your kids are!!