Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friendly Moments

I get so excited when I open my email or listen to a message and find that a dear friend is heading into town and can we get together. A week after Joe's birthday we got to see Tyler and Rachael, our good friends from Duke, and meet their new addition Lucy. She and Luke ended up being born with 2 weeks of each other, and you could definitely tell that Luke was a preemie, because that cute girl was ALL SMILES the entire
time she was at our home. We loved it! We are so thrilled that Rachael's parents live relatively close because we know there will always be an excuse to get together :)

Then I got an email from Meliss, my girlfriend going on almost 30 years. Hard to believe!!! She came up with her kiddos to visit and wow did we all have fun. I think Jake loved having a boy to do some sword fighting with and Kate was in heaven with Ashlyn and Sadie giving her makeup tips :) We had so much fun catching up and could have talked for 10 more hours....the time went by too fast!

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