Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fowler Farewell

We got an email from some of our close friends from Duke, the Fowlers, letting us know that it was time. They were heading off to China for 2 years. The good news was that they would be stopping in San Francisco for a couple of days...could we get together? OF COURSE! So Wednesday night we headed up to the city and met them and the Thompson's for a mini reunion (It'll be a complete one when Metheny's, Rushton's and West's join us :) ) The kids had a blast as did we! Kate and Scottie spent their first 2 years of life together and here they are again, still loving every moment spent together.
In fact, here they are at the beginning...
I heard Scottie say while we were together, "Mom, Kate's my same age but she's a girl and she's taller than me!" I think she's going to get a lot of that growing up. Good thing her mom knows how to handle it :)

Sad to say goodbye. Kate was ready to jump on the 14 HOUR PLANE RIDE with Scottie and his brothers. Hope it went ok, Doug and Christine! We were thinking about you!!
What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday Evening! Can't wait to do it again when you are coming home :)

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Carrie said...

Love it, love you!! We had a great time!