Monday, May 26, 2014

Taking over Bellavista

Starting with Uncle Fletch.
 We walked through CUTE Bellavista and saw plenty of restaurants we'd like to try.  Don't know why we haven't explored this part of town until now!  But today was dedicated to the Uncle.
 Last Wednesday there was a Chilean holiday commemorating the Battle of Iquique.  It meant no school, which we all thought: How great for us!  Joe even decided to work from home, so it truly felt like a lazy Saturday!  Kristy Miller rallied a few families together to try this new place out.  Plenty of us wanted to join her.

 You have to come to Chile and try one of their burgers to understand that they just aren't like home.  They really don't appeal.  But apparently Uncle Fletch's were pretty darn good.  

So, we went for a taste test.  Seven families in all at varied times ;)   
You could say our presence was noticed!

 Eli, Kate, Alli and Sarah...patiently waiting for their shakes

 The Girls:  Kristy, Anne, me, Tiffany, Laura and Karen (3 leaving, 3 staying)
 So, the shakes still weren't as thick as we'd prefer, but they were pretty good.  Let's just stay no one was complaining.

The burger and fries?  FINALLY!!!  It was good.  Reallly good.  Now I have to go try Mr. Jack's and compare.  Apparently they rank right up there too.
 All in all?  Great way to spend a random Wednesday off. 

 Bellavista...we will see you very soon.

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