Monday, May 26, 2014

Project Man

Otherwise known as Jake Berryhill.  Usually the projects consist of matchbox car wheels, boxes, paper, some type of string, scotch tape, lots of staples, some safety pins, screws and plenty of markers...  Our office NEVER stays clean for longer than 30 seconds.  Drives me nuts, but let's focus on the "I'm so thrilled he's creative" part.  
This month I've captured a few of his and my favorites.
Did you get that?  

"Berryhill Party Today." 

I LOVE THIS BOY.  And I love this stage of writing.

Seems that the theme for this month is the usage of a lot of paper and cardboard.


Robot Man!!

At this very moment, he is stapling his 6th comic book together.  It's a good thing we are going home soon.  I am running out of supplies FAST ;)

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