Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aysen 24 K Run...Northern Patagonia

When we got back to Coyhaique, we checked into our hotel and went right in to gather our things for the race.  Let's be honest, we hadn't trained like I would normally train for 15 miles...but we went into this purely for the fun of it.  We got to see what the course would be like for the first time...
and even did a little mental prep on the winners stand :)The thing that made my armpits itch was when they told us to bring an extra pair of EVERYTHING on the day of the race.  There would be a tent to change in afterwards, if the snow and rain was so bad that we were soaked through.  But one look at where we'd be running, and I almost forgot about Patagonia weather.  This was going to be amazing.
And I had at least 4 layers on, so things were good.

 It was so fun to see Nicci and Anne down there with us!  We were 4 of the 6 Americans running the race.  Because this was the first year for the race, there weren't that many people!  Felt like maybe 30 or 40 for the 24K.  It was hysterical, because they called us all up to the starting line and we all counted down in Spanish from 10.  When we got to zero...we just took off--no gunshot or bell or anything!  I loved it!  

Glad I had my phone with me...I couldn't pass up some of these shots!

 WE DID IT!  And it only started raining the last 10 minutes or so.  The hills were some of the biggest I've seen, but the beauty and the company made up for it.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  

Here are a few pictures that the photographers captured of this unforgettable day:

 What we did the entire time.  Love that they got this.

What a run!  Truly loved every second of it. 

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