Sunday, May 18, 2014

Girl's Weekend Continues...

After spoiling ourselves with a visit to the Spa and soaking in the natural "termas" that surrounded Puyuhuapi Lodge, we packed our things and continued on our trip.  The relaxing part was over :)  It was time to drive back to Coyhaique in preparation for our race...

 ...and to visit some of Karen's old stomping grounds on her mission.

 As she tried to orient herself to find out where the chapel was and the main streets she used to walk up and down in the cold, smoky, air, we literally ran into a pair of missionaries. 
 They caught her up on the latest and I just kept thinking, "Man, it's cold down here. I'm so glad our car has heat!  PLEASE don't snow tomorrow when we are running..."
Missionaries are tough.
 We visited Puerto Aysen as well and I got to meet some of the warmest people who were extra special to Karen when she was there.  
They greeted us with lots of hugs and squeals and plenty to eat.  

What a moment for Karen!  Witnessing the love these people had for her after 20 years was so incredible.  And they treated me just like family too!  Inviting me to back their homes with my family even after she is back in the USofA.   
Made me re-think for a bit that maybe we should go to Paraguay and hike through the jungles and see the chapel that Joe built on his mission.  But then again...when the taxi driver wouldn't even drive us into the country when we were on our Iguazu Falls trip because it was so dangerous,  I'm not quite ready to jump on any plane tickets.  We'll see what we can do, Joe :)

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