Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Weekend Away in Northern Patagonia

Coyhaique.  I didn't know where it was.  But when we found out that the Whitt's would be leaving a year earlier than expected from Chile, Karen and I felt it only made sense to do a girls weekend :)  It'd be tricky and thrown together at the last minute, but why not give it a go?!  Karen suggested Coyhaique.  She served a mission there 20 years earlier and we could run a race in Patagonia!  Let's not forget to mention that it would be gorgeous.
Crazy, FREEZING, wind as soon as we stepped out of the airport.  
But look what welcomed us on our 4 hour drive south?  It had to be a sign.
Look at this guy's pants!  Maybe I should have asked him to make me a pair.  I would have been  much warmer!
Coming down here in Autumn was really something else. 
The mountains were on fire with color...

and at every turn we found hundreds of waterfalls cascading down the moutains.

It's not exciting until you are forced to a stop in the middle of the road.

Stuck behind this van full of people while some major clearing of the road was going on up ahead.

Glacier ahead!  We were getting close to Puyuhuapi.  Our first stop on our trip.  
I think I'm going to like it here. 

After  A LOT of beautiful scenery and crazy roads, we made it to Puyuhuapi.  We stopped in "town" for some gas before we were to catch our boat to the lodge.  Picturesque.

It took some figuring out with no cell phone reception, but we found the dock.  
And found the boat.  We were on our way to Puyuhuapi Lodge for a little R&R.
Nestled in the mountains...look what awaited us!

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