Sunday, May 25, 2014

Good bye Luncheon

The Nido school year is winding down fast and that means the mass exodus is about to occur.  Sniff Sniff.  I've decided I don't like this part about being an expat.  I may have mentioned it before...
 Maybe we are all just looking for reasons to see each other more now because we know things are going to change really soon.  Why not get together and eat?  So a goodbye luncheon was planned :) 

 Grace Swain (off to Korea)
 Kristy Miller (back to Danville), Laura Hamilton (back to Iowa) , Kiersten Murnane (staying with me!!)
 Tracy McQueen (already in Florida), Karen Whitt (back to Utah)

 Anne Johnson (staying with me!!!), Connie Hiten, Missy Ryan (back to Illinois)
It's been fun, ladies!  Really, really, fun!  You will be so very missed!

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