Monday, May 26, 2014

More May Moments

Joe and I were invited to our first Chilean Catholic wedding in May.  Fran, one of the girls on his team, was getting married and we couldn't wait to go!  The ceremony began at 6pm and the party lasted until 5AM!!!!  We snuck out around 2:00...probably one of the few people who had to be up and out the door early the next morning.  Fran and her husband were so warm and talked to every single one of their many guests.  It was beautiful!  Chileans know how to party.  I've never doubted that since the moment we arrived :)
Kate had a first....paintballing at Gaby's 9th birthday party.  I LOVE this picture of the two of them.  She had a blast and STILL has the bruises to show for it!

Nothing like a little soak and some cake to make you feel resfreshed after donning all of that gear!

 Don't feel sad for her brothers!  They got to celebrate with their buddy, Luke Whitt, for his 5th birthday party.
 It was true ninja style, complete with the real deal instructors.  They have been running around ninja-ing ever since!

Jake and his friend Tristan heading out after school for a play date.  How cute are they?  
Finally, Jake's got his natural handsome smile :)

 My first primary presidency meeting with my new counselors (Maribel Hernandez Fernandez and Joana Mena)... in my car :)  We got to the chapel and it was locked.  Figured my car would be warmer than trying to find the keys anyway, so we went for it.  Plenty of laughter and a moment of panic when we thought we were locked inside of the parking lot.  I think we are going to have a lot of fun together.  (And hopefully my Spanish gets even better... my first meeting without any English!!!)
 Luke is now old enough to join the others at the Nido pool!  His favorite part? The hot shower after class.  I literally have to drag him away from it every week.  
 Going over things that float and things that don't.  Love his teacher.  Love the kid in the blue cap next to Luke.

This is a shot of Luke in his class and Jake in his!  How cool is that?!  Dream come true.  Their lessons are at the same time!

 Another fun moment in May?  Having a family whose boys have been baptized and are in Primary with me, over to our home for Family Home Evening.  Felipe and Katy's family are the sweetest.  We hope they follow in their sons footsteps!  Here we are trying to hit Goliath with some marshmallows to prove our courage and faith :) 

The kids were so excited to have them come.  They made "Bienvenidos" banners to welcome them and we had quite the spread for dessert.  Wayyyyy better than our usually treats for FHE :)

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