Friday, October 25, 2013

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

It all started innocently enough. 

My friend dropped the kids off from school and they immediately hung their stuff up in the entry and started talking about the Halloween party at church that would happen that night.  Jake immediately ran into his room and threw on the Army costume that Joe found for him the night before at the grocery store.  It didn't matter that the party wouldn't start for another 4 hours.  
He was ready.

  Halloween is not a big thing down here.  The costume pickings are slim and the candy is even worse.  Trick or treating happens in specific neighborhoods (like ours) but not too many.  Since we had planned a trip this year over Halloween, I didn't put any energy into the holiday. Including costumes.

"What should I dress up as tonight?" Kate asked with a slight whine in her voice.  The night before she asked me the same question.  I hadn't a clue because all of our costumes in the Halloween box were "too babyish."  "We'll come up with something cute, don't worry."  I reassured her.  

 While Luke and I went from the bed, to the couch and back to the bed again, I decided there were plenty of options I could present to Kate.  So, I answered her question.  "How about a cowgirl?  Or a crazy rock star?"  Trying to think of things that we already had around the house.  "Or you could be an old lady or a baby?"  

She threw herself on the ground in her room and started sobbing.  "You frustrate me when you talk about Halloween!!!  I'm not going to the party.  I have nothing to wear!"
Hmmmm.  I thought I just gave you plenty of options.  Apparently none were good enough for your liking.  Now, I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt here.  She was really tired and this week has been a bit crazy with my bed rest and all.  But come on.  Two hours of crying and complaining?  I told her she didn't have to go to the party and she could do her homework instead.  She had plenty of it.  I left her alone to sulk.  I couldn't bare it one more second.  I'm supposed to remain calm in my bedresting state and I was not feeling it.  

She finally came down and asked in a quiet voice, "Could you help me with the cowgirl outfit?" As soon as the wig and Joe's authentic cowboy hat were on her head, she lit up with a big smile and said, "Can I wear some makeup?!!"  

I almost fell off my bed. Mood changed.  Joe came home just in time to scarf down dinner and grab all of the things we were supposed to bring to the party that night (including all of the stuff he was in charge of doing for the games the Young Men needed to put on) and ran out the door with the kids in tow.  Luke stayed home with me.  Joe couldn't be in charge of activities and watch Luke too!  Kate and Jake could fend for themselves.  

They had a blast.  Just like I knew they would.  

And that's the difference between getting a boy ready for Halloween and a girl :)

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Debra said...

That's so funny, as I think of what I have to look forward to as my kids get older. :)