Saturday, October 26, 2013

Out for a Stroll...

 Last week before I was sentenced to confinement within these walls, (I'm kidding.  It's not so horrible.  I've actually welcomed the naps!) we decided to go for a nice, long walk in our neighborhood.  Spring had finally arrived and it was much too gorgeous to be sitting inside.  So we grabbed the leash and the dog, and we took all of us for a walk--
thinking everyone would love the idea.
 This appears like a toddler, totally at ease, enjoying a warm, sunny day on some inviting, green grass.  But alas!  If you could have heard the tantrum that evolved when we told him he needed to walk just a little bit longer before anyone would hold him (should have brought the stroller) are prepared to look at it in a whole new light :)
 Now we have to try and get 4 faces looking at the camera?  This is getting harder and harder...

A little love whether she wants it or not :)

 Jake, proud and completely satisfied with Lucy's new look that he has just created.

 The Girls

Really, one of the main purposes of such a long walk, was to tire Lucy out.  You see, we were told that you can't bathe your dog until after it's had it's 3rd vaccination.  She had just received it the day before, and we were ready to get her clean.  She smelled a bit too much like dog to me ;)  So, I went online and read all 16 steps (plus the tips) from Wikihow on how to give a puppy her first bath.
In the tips section, it recommended giving the dog some exercise, so she wouldn't be too excited when she gets in the tub...Followed that one to a tee.  Then, it clearly stated in Step #6: 

Unless you want the puppy to think of bath time as an unpleasant, noisy time, bathe the puppy without children in the house. They will giggle and screech and this will stress out your puppy! Don't let anyone tease the puppy about the bath or it will learn that bathing is something to be feared! 


If you could have seen the wiggling, the crowding, the shoving, to be the first to give Lucy a treat for being a good girl in the bath, you would have emailed Wikihow and told them we weren't fit to be dog owners.  It was hysterical!  And poor Joe was actually trying to clean Lucy with all of that action going on around him.  But to their credit, they did use relatively soft voices.  And to Lucy's credit?  She's a really good puppy.  She looked soooo good afterward...
and she took a very long nap.

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