Saturday, October 19, 2013

Farewell to the Smith Family!

One thing I've learned about the expat experience that I don't particularly love, is that the people you connect with, who become like family, come into your lives and physically exit it often times without much warning.

 When we learned that Laura and Abe Smith would be leaving us a few months earlier than expected, within a month, they were packed up and off to their next adventure in South Dakota.  We laughed because the Lamberts were only given a weeks notice.  So even though 30 days sounds like a while, it's a ridiculously short amount of time to organize everything and make this kind of international move.  
Had a little good bye party at our home with our gringo family (that has added some new members!!!) to wish them well.  So grateful for friendship!  We will miss you, Smith family!  We hope your transition to your new home is a smooth and quick one, so baby #4 can join your family when he is ready :)

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Tammy Schick said...

My heart aches a little when I see these pictures! I sure miss my family down there. I want to bottle everything up and keep it the same - but that doesn't really work. In and out - in and out!
Thanks for sending them off with love! Sure wish we could have been there to help.
Love you guys!