Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meet Lucy

The conversation 2 weeks ago went something like this:

Me:  Kate's still asking when we are going to actually get a dog.
Joe: you want one?  I was kind of thinking that since we are having a baby, it's not the best time.
Me:  That's EXACTLY what I said.  

The conversation 1 1/2 weeks ago was as follows: 
(sitting on the couch after everyone was finally asleep)

Joe: Pato (his dog breeding friend at work who gave us a ton of help when we were planning on bringing Delilah home) wants to know what the deal is.  Do we want a dog or not?  Because he has a friend that just had a litter and wants us to see them.
Me:  I thought because of the baby, we weren't going to get one...Although, we do have plenty of space for one down here...and we have help (our wonderful nana, Sandra who comes a few days a week).  I don't know...what do you think? 
Joe:  It wouldn't hurt just to go look...

2 days after that extremely productive dialogue:

Welcome home, Lucy!!!

 I'm still honestly chuckling over the whole event.  We went on a Saturday morning with NOTHING because we were just going to look at the beagles.  Not a crate, not a towel...not a thing.  Granted, I had read "How to raise the perfect puppy" 8 months ago, before we were supposed to bring our English Bulldog, Delilah home.  So I wasn't totally naive. This little thing was the sweetest 3 month old.  Kate wasn't the only one in heaven.  Luke and Jake had found their backyard buddy.  This surprised Joe and me.  We thought we only had one animal lover in our family. 
 She has had her patience tested as I've watched Luke drag her from here to there by the tail...
 ...listening to endless screams of excitement as she chases the kids back and forth on the grass...
 ...allowing 2, 5 and 8 year olds to pick her up and to "snuggle" her...
 and she has passed with flying colors.  
 Granted....potty training any mammal isn't on the top of my "Oh I can't wait!!!!" list.  But at least Luke is totally done.  (My easiest of the three, might I add)  And I have to admit, for the week she's been with us, Lucy is doing a pretty darn good job.  
This is a pretty typical afternoon.  Jake takes the lead on some sort of adventure or project he has designed in his mind, Luke is right on his heals, copying EVERY SINGLE WORD and GESTURE, and Lucy is right behind him, wanting in on the action.
 Are we crazy?  Very much so.  
But look at that face...

Here's a little video for you, Hansens :)


Jen said...

LOVE it! Thanks for the video. :)

Tammy Schick said...

The most perfect fit! Every family needs a puppy! :) Congrats Berryhills!

Kimberly said...

The cutest dog with the cutest name!

Kalei said...

Lucy is so cute! She's a lucky dog to now be apart of your fam!