Friday, October 25, 2013

Bed Rest

It was a typical Tuesday morning.  Got up at 6:20 to get breakfast and lunches started, took Lucy out to go to the bathroom and then gave her breakfast, woke the kids up and then woke them up again, and headed down to finish getting breakfast on the plates.  Joe emerged from the bedroom looking dapper as ever in some of his new CFO "ropa" that we purchased over the summer to update his look and replace all of his button-ups that had split at the elbows and resulted in gaping holes.  
I have to admit.  It's times like these when I long for our homeschooling mornings.  Breakfast was my favorite part of the day!  No rushing around, cramming lunchboxes in backpacks and hurrying people out the door with a quick family prayer and kiss.  The only good thing about it is that we actuallly see Joe in the morning.  Back in California, he was on the bus to San Francisco at 6AM...LONG before the rest of us awoke.  But I digress...
After I closed the front door on the crew, I went back to bed.  Unusual.  Normally, that's my time for reading the scriptures and getting dressed for exercising before Luke wakes up.  But I was feeling crummy and wanted to try and fend off the germs that were slowly overtaking my body.  We had a trip to look forward to in exactly a week.  I had to be healthy.  So, I went back to bed.  Sandra arrived while I was feeding Luke breakfast, and as we sat in the kitchen getting caught up on the previous days events, all of the sudden I knew something was wrong.  I dropped Luke's oatmeal spoon and escaped to my bathroom in the middle of explaining something about the schedule for the day in Spanish.

Bed Rest.  
Thank goodness.  I could have kissed the doctor.  I kissed Joe instead.  Much better choice anyway, might I add.  We've gone through this before...twice.  But this time it was so much worse, that I really had no hope.  I called Joe immediately and he left his off-site meeting that he was in the middle of and met me at the hospital.  
"The baby is fine.  But you have a large clot on your placenta."  Apparently my body was going into contractions trying to rid myself of the clot and in addition, rid myself of our baby.  So, I was put to bed with medication to stop the contractions, full of relief as I imagined the baby's little profile on the screen, and anxiety at the same time that this pregnancy wouldn't end like Luke's.  
 Joe took control and wouldn't let me do ANYTHING.  
I wasn't to wake up in the morning to help with the school routine, I wasn't to lift anyone into bed at night, I wasn't about to come to the dinner table to eat dinner with everyone, let alone think of cleaning a dish.   Every night this week he has come home from his crazy job and immediately started taking care of the kids, finishing up homework, going to the grocery store (while I walk him through it on the phone!), taking the kids to their activities and doing the whole bedtime routine, including stories.  I'm not gloating...I'm just grateful.  Ok, I'm gloating.  I have an incredible husband.  He always has been.  
Our family would have whisked the kids away from me the second they knew I needed them.  So they get credit purely for that knowledge.  As Jen texted, "Sometimes Chile sucks."  It's true.  
It's really far away.  
I sent an email to a couple friends asking them if one of them could pick the kids up for me that day at school, and before I knew it, the kids were taken care of for the week, I had dinner ready for that night, visits and treats and English magazines for me to read to pass the time!!! I have good friends.  I am so grateful for them, especially when our loving family isn't right around the corner.  
So, I've been hanging out with Luke during the day watching PLENTY of movies in bed and taking naps.  He now wakes up in the morning and thinks that this is the normal routine!!  Ahhh!  Going to have to break him of that in a few days.  I go in to see the doctor again on Monday morning.  And hopefully he'll give us the go ahead for our trip the following day that we've been planning for months to Iguazu Falls!  I promised I'd take it easy.  We'll see what he says :) 

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Kimberly said...

Yikes! I'm glad you've been following orders and taking it easy but I'm so sorry you have to go through this :o( Lots of prayers that only good news is found out at tomorrow's appointment!