Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Birthday Culture

Do you have an inkling as to Joe's response when I texted him to see if he wanted to go to the opera for my birthday date night?  I knew we'd go to dinner...but with everything that's been going on with getting back into school and Joe recovering from surgery and my morning sickness that seems to hit me every night when it's time to clean up the kitchen (I'm really not faking it :)  The smell of "after dinner" is simply revolting) until I crawl into bed...we've been wiped out.
So, when I got an email from my friend Grace Swaine, asking if anyone wanted to use their tickets to the Teatro Municipal, I thought, "Sure!  Grace has just planned our evening for us, THANK YOU!!!"  
Hair is looking extremely 80's in this one--or something--but I'm going to let it slide...
My appointment for a cut is set 6 days from now. Can't wait. :)

My parents took me to plenty of musicals growing up, which I LOVED. and even a few operas (I remember Mom taking me to see the opera of Romeo and Juliet when I was in 6th grade--I felt so grown up--just the two of us!)... so I knew what to expect.  I'd need to look the story up and read about it BEFORE we got there, or else we'd be completely clueless--especially since it was an Italian Opera with Spanish subtitles :) 
Google maps guided us to the wrong part of Santiago (not uncommon down here) and so by the time we found it, we were 45 minutes late.  No harm done.  We entered this incredible building at intermission and found that our seats were front and center, 4 levels up.  The railing only came to our knees, so it was a little nerve-wracking!!!  I would have loved to have thrown my legs over the side-- they just don't make things down here for people 6 feet tall and over, but it was fantastic!  So grateful for Grace's generosity.

When the opera was over, we climbed into the car and headed to "The Ox."  Definitely not vegetarian :)  Check out my Caprese salad!  Everything was soooo good.  And when they brought the bill, along came a huge plate of cotton candy!  Couldn't have ended sweeter.

And that below, is our filet!!!  I could barely eat half of it!!!
What a great way to begin my 35th year.  I can tell already that this is going to be a good age :)

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Tammy Schick said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! What a beautiful celebration for a beautiful lady! I love it!