Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just a Normal Pick Up Day

We were coming up the hill to pick the kids up from school, and came around the bend to find this!  Luke yelled out, "Cows!!!!!!!!!!!  Wook Mom, Wook!!!"  Been trying to work on that one.  He just laughs and says, "Oh ya.  Horses."  Actually there were more than 20 horses on the way up (I made sure to do a quick count!), but I wanted to make sure I got to Jake's classroom on time, so this is how many were left when we were going back home.  Beautiful.  I seem to prefer the horses to the cows in the median, munching on the grass.  It seems much more majestic!  Not sure how all of the "wildlife" keeps escaping around here, but it makes for exciting moments and opportunities to practice our classification of mammals :)

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