Monday, October 14, 2013

First Swim Meet in Spanish!!!

 Because Kate made the "A" team this year, she was invited to Nido's first swim meet at Santa Martina.  We were so excited!  What a perfect way to spend my birthday morning :)  

 It was freezing outside and Kate was panicked that the water would be cold.  She dipped her big toe in the water and her eyes just lit up!  It was bath water.  This was going to be a good meet.  
 One thing we hadn't even considered was the way they start the races!  There were a bunch of different patterned whistles and all of these words in Spanish!!  These poor kids were so confused..."Do we get up on the block?  Do we not?!!!  Oh, was that the whistle for diving in?!!!"  After the first race was under their belt, they got control of the situation and did awesome :)

Celebrating in the hot tub after the races were just one of the perks of having a swim meet at the beautiful country club in the Andes Hills right by our home.

 Kate took bronze in the breaststroke!  WAY TO GO, BABE!!!  She wanted to know what she needed to do to get gold :)  We had the best time watching her.  Love you, Kate.  Soo proud of you!

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Alisa said...

Way to go Kate! Bronze! Wow! You are getting more and more bilingual all the time! :)