Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Welcome to the Clinic

Back in April, Jake's preschool invited the parents to join them at the clinic to show us what they had learned about the body.  We walked into the school and it had all sorts of rooms to check out.  What's inside of our bodies, nutrition to keep our bodies healthy, the five senses--complete with a cow tongue to check out-- an x-ray room and even a neonatal room where they could practice taking care of babies.  It was so fun!!!

 Yes, that is a cow tongue if you were wondering...

 Here's our future pediatrician in action :)

 Stick with the pediatrician, bud,  we already have enough dentists in the family ;)

 Jake with one of his favorite teachers

 Luke even got to join in on the fun!
The part Jake was most excited about was the following week when he was able to bring home his own body that he had created.  
Love you with all of my heart!

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