Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glimpses into May

It was a pretty action packed month!
 Santa surprised us with a visit

 Fortresses were constructed to fend off the bad guys

Thankfully we were in good hands. 
How could you not feel safe and secure with these guys? 

Geniuses were born. 
 I walked into the office when I heard, "No way!  Mom, check this out!  There are yellow and red ones INSIDE!!!"  Found Jake dissecting a pair of earphones...
Twins joined our family

Superheroes came to our rescue a number of times

Budding Babysitters and a lesson in Marketing

Breathtaking Sunsets

And lots of bear hugs.

What a month! 
 It's enough to wear a guy out :)

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Sue said...

Life is good at the Berryhill's.