Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Luke's Turn

Kate and Jake had their turn to show me all of their amazingness, so of course Luke did not want to be left out.  It was time to go pick up the kids from school.  I opened the front door, and Luke took off, yelling, "Kate!  Jakers!!"  Other than his letters, it's his favorite time of day.  When I got to his side of the car, he was already there waiting for me.  He looked at me with a satisfied grin and yelled, "I WIN!  YOU LOSE!"  
That's my third child.  I'm so impressed :)
 A little blurb about this guy.  He HATES to wear anything but short sleeve shirts.  If I put a jacket on him to go outside (we ARE in the middle of winter), he protests like no other and then he automatically says, "Arms up!"  And pulls the sleeves up.  The first thing he does when we walk in the door is, "Jacket OFF!!  Shoes OFF!!  Socks OFF!"  There is always a little pile of Luke's strewn in the entryway.  
He can't get enough of "shooting" hoops outside, and his all time favorite activity is pointing out letters and playing with any child thing that has a letter on it.  
MY all time favorite is when Luke walks into a room.  He immediately says in a sing-song voice with so much enthusiasm, "Hello, Mommy!  Hello, Kate!  Hello, Daddy!  Hello Jakers!"  He does it until everyone in the room has been announced.
And if there is ever a scratch or an "owie" on some part of his body, he will blame it on the person who was closest to him at the time of the incident.  He will do an incredible furrow of the brows, find anyone who will listen, point to the "owie" and say, "Jakers did it,"  if Jake happened to be in the room coloring when Luke slipped and fell on a stuft animal right next to him.  Classic.
If he sneezes or coughs, he is the first one to announce, "Bwesh you, Wuke!"
Luke is hysterical.  What a personality.  I shouldn't be surprised.  He's had 2 predecessors who also came into this world with unusually high levels of gusto.  


Sue said...

He is quite a character!


Alisa said...

Love this!